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Artificial Pancreas A Relief To Diabetic Patients

Posted by Kevin Nash on

Diabetic patients have to undergo the drill of regular blood checks, doses of insulin and counting the intake of carbohydrates. This could be a taxing exercise in comparison with the discomfort of being diagnosed of the disease. The research from the Harvard University has given a ray of hope with the release of artificial pancreas. This technology helps to improve the health of 1.2 million people suffering from the diabetes. The quality of life suffers with diabetes patients spending 30% of their day managing the disease. Imagine if 50% of the effort is cut down.

The pancreas is a gland that is an integral part of the digestive system. The major function of the system is to release enzymes to help in the digestive process. The other job of the pancreas is to regulate the blood sugar levels though the release of insulin and glucagon hormones. The Harvard team has come up with an artificial pancreas that manages diabetes using the existing system. A few Type 1 diabetics use the two artificial pancreas constituents, CSII and CGM. These devices help the patients to stay away from poking their fingers. The latest technology receives glucose sensor information and administers the insulin dosage appropriately.