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Woman Stands Up Against The Baton Rouge Police Officers

Posted by Kevin Nash on

Facing the Baton Rouge Police officials boldly in the sundress is Ieshia Evans, the shooting event that went viral online. The lady was in silence as the officers asked her to leave the place. Speaking to CBS, she said that there was nothing but silence and the communication was non-verbal. Answering Gayle King, she said that she was a fearless and the fully armored police personnel did not bring any fear in her. A mom and a nurse, all she wanted to express that We all matter. The iconic photo where Evans stands calmly in front of the armed policemen goes to prove the strength of peaceful demonstrations against the brutality of the police.

According to Evans it is the word of God that put her in the position and it made a difference. The most liked image spreading viral online, the lady was arrested immediately after the photo was shot. All she had to say was, she had a responsibility and it was above everything. Calling it her first ever protest against injustice, Evans was just like any other mom, rushing for work, refilling the refrigerator, paying bills, until this event made a difference in her life. When the opportunity came, she was there to present herself against injustice.

Speaking on the Alton Sterling video, Evans said that she watched the video at once it surfaced and was numbed. Later another video involving the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota happened. It was then she felt the urge to stand up against all this. She protested and was arrested immediately after. On a question to whether she is an activist, Evans said that she had passion for people and was not an activist. She said she was not the brave type to confront injustice, but sometimes a task is allotted without being asked for said the nurse.