Know More About Zika Outbreak

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Zika is a virus threatening the global health emergency. The infection has reached unborn babies and a state of emergency has been declared in certain regions. The doctors have alerted the people calling it “a pandemic in progress”. Some affected countries are asking women to put off pregnancy. The people affected by Zika virus rarely develop any symptoms and death is also rare. Though, some of the prominent symptoms include headache, mild fever, conjunctivitis, joint pain and rash. Seldom nervous system disorder leading to temporary paralysis is reported. Right now there is no treatment in terms of drugs or vaccines for the condition. Patients affected with Zika are advised to take lot of fluids.

The risk lies in impacting the fetus and in the rise in microcephaly. It is a condition of the baby born with a small head with an underdeveloped brain. The severities vary with the functionality of the brain being affected. Infections like substance abuse, genetic abnormalities or rubella is common. Zika is linked with pregnancy complications like stillbirth, miscarriage, premature birth, eye problems among others. The US Centers for Disease Control informs that Zika remains in the blood for a week and it can be spread during sexual intercourse. Though the infection is not caused in the baby conceived after the virus is out of the body.

The couple are advised to follow safe sexual practices and abstain from sexual intercourse for about 8 weeks if they are returning from a Zika virus infected country. If the male develops Zika symptoms then abstinence of sex is recommended for six months.

Zika is a public health emergency because it spreads fast and has ravaging consequences. It is an international concern and the disease is considered a global threat, just like Ebola. But unlike Ebola it is more connected with microcephaly. World Health Organisation is coordinating with the health agencies of various countries to conduct trials to identify the risks.

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Woman Stands Up Against The Baton Rouge Police Officers

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Facing the Baton Rouge Police officials boldly in the sundress is Ieshia Evans, the shooting event that went viral online. The lady was in silence as the officers asked her to leave the place. Speaking to CBS, she said that there was nothing but silence and the communication was non-verbal. Answering Gayle King, she said that she was a fearless and the fully armored police personnel did not bring any fear in her. A mom and a nurse, all she wanted to express that We all matter. The iconic photo where Evans stands calmly in front of the armed policemen goes to prove the strength of peaceful demonstrations against the brutality of the police.

According to Evans it is the word of God that put her in the position and it made a difference. The most liked image spreading viral online, the lady was arrested immediately after the photo was shot. All she had to say was, she had a responsibility and it was above everything. Calling it her first ever protest against injustice, Evans was just like any other mom, rushing for work, refilling the refrigerator, paying bills, until this event made a difference in her life. When the opportunity came, she was there to present herself against injustice.

Speaking on the Alton Sterling video, Evans said that she watched the video at once it surfaced and was numbed. Later another video involving the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota happened. It was then she felt the urge to stand up against all this. She protested and was arrested immediately after. On a question to whether she is an activist, Evans said that she had passion for people and was not an activist. She said she was not the brave type to confront injustice, but sometimes a task is allotted without being asked for said the nurse.

Rebellious Performance From Kendrick And Beyonce At The BET Awards

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The introduction of Beyonce at the BET Awards turned all eyes on her. The powerful charged number by Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar performing ‘Freedom’ had a glimpse of her Lemonade tour visuals, African diaspora, floods and the connections between the national disasters and personal traumas. At a time when the international community is dominated by news of racial justice, black pride and xenophobia, the performance of Beyonce at BET Awards this Sunday took the audience into the Beyonce world that was a challenge for those who look beyond it.

The performance started with a clipping from Rev Martin Luther King Jr. the ‘blank check’ of ‘I Have A Dream’ speech would have been a disastrous attempt for anyone who was not the pop culture stature. Nevertheless the pressure was felt with the present events happening in the US and the transformation happening in the political life. The performance was high quality and was felt earned. The performance of Freedom came up with some dozen dancers stumping in water that was ankle deep with the Hurricane Katrina undercurrents of Lemonade offering a intuitive and reverberating visuals onto the set.

Though, Freedom was not the favorite number of the crowd especially with Lemonade around over the weeks, the parallels created by Alright from Lamar which he performed for the Grammys turned the tables. The Grammy performance had scenes of Africa, liberation, police, jail, flames and the Beyonce performance was seen only as a continuation of the Grammy performance by Lamar. Watching the crème of artists performing before you, one a rebellious singer with immaculate talent and the other MC born, who was in trouble for the controversial lyrics, yet was able to ride past it, made it all right in the pop music world. The performance raised a few eyebrows pointing out that the sentiment of rebel and assertion is growing.