The President of the United States convened the Leader’s Summit on Global Refugee Crisis on September 20 at the United Nations and this was followed by a Secretary General High Level Summit giving the Obama administration to address the refugee crisis. The three goals of the summit was to generate 30% more finance for global humanitarian solicitations that would be $13 billion for 2016, increase the rehabilitation slots by double and bring in more countries to accept refugees, finally to increase the refugees in schools by one million across the globe and right to work by one million.

The goals are achievable but ambitious. The Brookings Institution and Richard C Holbrooke Forum in Berlin have come up specifics on how to achieve the goals of the Leader’s Summit. Firstly, a coalition for refugee’s resettlement has to be done and helping countries like Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon to support the refugees to become self sufficient. The reason why the US government should use this opportunity is listed. Primarily, the US government should stand against these wrongs and provide protection to those refugees fleeing from carnage and seeking a new lease of life.

Moreover with the Syrian civil war on and no solution thus far, the refugee assistance programs are the best way to showcase the commitment of the US to the Syrian people. The Europeans are finding it tough to cope with the pressure of providing re-settlement for refugees and are accusing the US of not taking any action. If immediate action is not taken the refugees will be left with no hope.

The human beings are moving from one country to another for better life during the event of the crisis. The mass migration has left people with challenges. Though migration is a steady source of income, the recent increase in asylums is testing the limitation of the state.

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